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Usage & measurement type

We from Lufft created with the XP Series true X-perts for a range of various measurements. The four device types are specialists on different measuring ranges. Our hand-held devices can be used for daily usage in service, in air conditioning and environment technology, in the food industry or for industrial temperature calibration.

We invented with the XP101 the most precise hand-held measuring device (0,005°C) for temperature, which Lufft ever offered. It can be used as a high-precision measuring instrument and is especially for industrial usage. It distinguishes oneself with an excellent stability thru multiple aging cycles. The sensor characteristic line will be individually identified and saved in the device. It has an integrated root 2 function for the determination of the sensor internal heating and has an automatic elimination of parasitic thermoelectric voltage. The XP101 has a mini USB port with software for online data collection. The supply takes place with our PT100 ceramics sensor (bifilar wrapped, mineral isolated model) in a high-quality wooden case.

We recommend our specialist for temperature, the XP100, as a reference device and for comparison measuring in service or within the ISO9000 standard. This high-precisions hand-held instrument works together with the PT100 temperature sensor and can be used for measurements, when exactness is necessary. It measures in 25 languages and accurately on 0,01 degree Celsius. Also the XP100 has a mini USB post with software for online data collection.

Our X-perts for persistent usage are the XP200 and XP400. The XP200 is a specialist on humidity and temperature measurement or inspections in the industrial air conditioning and environment technology. Temperature and humidity can be measured by means of a compatible probe. We created an accurate streaming sensor for various measuring ranges by the XP400. The measuring instrument with measuring value memory and software can be used for measurement in air conditioning. Several probes can equip both hand-held devices.

The hand-held instruments XP100, XP200 and XP400 are supplied without probes. These can be ordered optional for the actual usage. You find here further information on the compatible sensors and probes.

Further information on the technical specifications