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With the XC(ellent) series, our developers at Lufft have developed two precision hand-held measuring devices for measuring temperature, relative humidity and dew point.

But that doesn’t mean we wanted to forego an attractive design and ease of use. That’s why we’ve emphasized the visual design of the XC series—the XC200 and the XC250 both come in the classic Lufft colors.

These powerful and compact hand-held measuring devices are just 170 mm (6.7 inches) long and weigh 250 g (just less than a pound). Their attractive and robust exterior is reminiscent of the XA and XP series; they clearly look like they’ve been "Made by Lufft" – that familiar combination of sophisticated product design and precision measurement technology.

The large-scale multi-color LCD displays show the easy-to-read measurement results. The robust color display made ​​from tempered glass is scratch-resistant and can be used in bright sunlight.

The XC200 and the XC250 are operated via the capacitive touch glas with a control pad. The devices work precisely and accurately even at ambient temperatures as low as -20°C and up to 50°C (-4°–122°F). This was an important feature in the design.

Both XC series hand-held measuring devices are real performers that are reliable even in extreme weather conditions. We’re sure you’ll find that as reassuring as we do.


You can always rely on both the XC200 and the XC250 hand-held measuring devices—even at extreme temperatures, they easily collect physical data such as temperature, absolute humidity and dew point.

The XC200 uses the fixed sensor to measure and evaluate environmental data. But for trickier scenarios, we’ve come up with a special solution: the expanded version, the XC250, which also includes a pyrometer (radiation thermometer). This allows data to be collected even when contact is not possible.The XC250 also has a laser pointer through which the measuring point for non-contact temperature measurement can be accurately displayed.

The measured data can be professionally managed, archived clearly and analyzed at a glance with the help of the USB port. The SmartGraph3 software, available at no charge, and the two XC-Series devices are fully suitable for visualizing live data.

Automatic sleep mode and adjustment of screen brightness makes these handheld measuring devices extremely energy-efficient. The battery indicator always displays the current charge level.

In developing the XC-Series, we were primarily focused on the needs of those engaged in climate monitoring, climate assessment and climate control. As a result, the XC200 and the XC250 are particularly suitable for climate management in buildings, museums, storage rooms and electrical and IT cabinets. Naturally, it is also valuable in other fields—anywhere the measurement of such data is necessary.