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What’s the difference between the XC200 and the XC250 ?
The XC250 allows the surface temperature to be measured via infrared light without any physical contact. The XC200 works only with a fixed sensor.
Can I connect other sensors to the handheld measuring devices?
No. Only the fixed sensor or infrared system can be used for measurement.
What accessories are included?
The XC200 / XC250, four batteries for the power supply, a USB cable, a factory certificate, a Quick Start Guide as well as the SmartGraph3 visualization software (as a download). A pouch and/or holster can be ordered as additional accessories.
Is it necessary to re-calibrate the hand-held measuring instrument at regular intervals?
The sensors should be calibrated at regular intervals to ensure maximum precision. Lufft's laboratory has been DKD and DAkkS accredited since 1999, indicative of a long-standing tradition of precision manufacturing and calibration technology. Just contact us for your calibration needs.
If you have any further questions please contact our Customer Service